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Testimonials from our Hosts & Visitors

I love the childcare that Eventify Space offers, it would be impossible for me to attend activities without it.

Maria Parker

The space is so beautiful and inspiring, my yoga instructor used to host the sessions our of a small studio but here I can attend many different types of activities and my kids too!

Shelly Kim

The crossfit I go to was relocated to this gym and it’s amazing, now I get messages after the workout and even spend time at the cafe to catch up on good books

Nick Harvey

I moved my yoga studio classes to Eventify Space 6 months ago and my clients love it!

Amanda Brent

I’ve started to give Karate classes at this location and have saved a lot of money on the rental space not to mention the customer service Eventify Space provides.

Ryan Blum

I used to give art classes out of my house, now I can fit more than double the number of attendees and feel more professional.

Alex Cobb